The picture at the left is my grandfather, Early Terrell whom we all called Den Den. This was taken in 1902. He was a wonderful man and greatly influenced my father, James Emmett Terrell who was, without any doubt, the shaping influence in my life. I absolutely adored him. He was funny, honest, hardworking, loyal, sincere and loving. In my eyes he had no negative traits.

1. dad
3. dad
daddy dapper
4. dad

However it was Nannie Belle that stole his heart. Here is a very old and tattered photo that I found. They look so sweet together and get a load of that car. I'm sure he worked hard for that one or else it was borrowed.

EMMETT - written two years after my father’s death - 1969

Someday I, too, shall pass
Not in the dying is my fear,
but in the fact that life
suddenly will just disappear.

I do not dread that which will come.
Not knowing what I have missed.
The loves I've had, have been all right.
What of the lips I haven't kissed?

Looking back over my years
I've spent some time in true delight
Enjoying each day as it comes
But what about tomorrow night?

The things I've said and left unspoken
will be forever gone.
What I meant to do and never did
will never be atoned.

I want to make the impossible,
a special immortality for me.
I need it desperately, as I have,
no other beliefs with which to be.

From my pen, of life and love
known deep within my heart
Not even I, have the slightest chance
to set the "me" apart.

For you and I,
we both do know
The time is coming
and you, too, must go.
Standing upon the ground
under which I then will lie
feeling much as I do now. Lord,
I'm not quite ready yet to die.

And did I mention that Daddy was
a male model? Fedoras were his specialty.

Now just how much trouble do you imagine these Kappa Alpha frat boys were up to? Daddy is the far right on the bottom row - and he always said that he was WORKING!!!!

In true family tradition, Michael Emmett was also a Kappa Alpha at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

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